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How do I help

If you are here the chances are you are looking for help for yourself or the young people in your life.

I help adults, young people and their caregivers stay calm, build confidence and stay connected as they navigate big life changes.

Through Hypnotherapy, mindfulness and coaching I help clients recognise their triggers and mental blocks that leave them feeling stuck, anxious, and frustrated, leading them to think, feel and behave in ways that are no longer helpful to them.

I provide a safe and secure environment free from judgement, to explore the habits and actions that hinder progress. I help you develop tools for you to discover the powerful resources within you whatever your circumstance.

As your support system I not only listen but also ask the difficult questions that need to be addressed in order to start the process of reflection, self-awareness, and discovery, so that you shift your focus from where you are now to where you want to be.

Working from a place of calm allows us to be more receptive to alternative possibilities and perspectives, taking action and making choices not from a place of fear but based on an opportunity to thrive.

I help you understand the integral system of your mind and body, helping you raise awareness, build calm, gain clarity and connect more with yourself and others.

I am a solution focused holistic therapist and believe wellbeing arises when we address the mind and body as an integral system.

Learning how to recognise the state we are in, being aware of unhelpful inner chatter, being present in the moment and taking actions not based on fear help to create the changes that can have a tremendous impact on life for the better.

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