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Parents & Young People

As a parent, grand parent or caregiver we have to have the energy and resources to adapt to the stresses and strains of life but when continuously overwhelmed this leaves little in the tank to support our pre-teens and teens too. If you are looking for ways to connect but feeling consumed by worry of day to day challenges and big life events

"Having the freedom to think and hope and believe in what ever you want is enough to set you free"

Viktor Frankl

I help you

Improve relaxation

Reduce stress

Become mentally and physically aware

Gain Clarity

Take Action

Build Confidence, understanding and Connection

Teens are undergoing tremendous change that can leave them anxious, self-conscious, not good enough, trying to fit in, pressured to live up to expectations, never mess up or make mistakes.

Being a support for ourselves is the starting point and I help parents and teens learn the tools to connect with themselves and their loved ones so that they feel calmer, confident and nurture the relationships they hold dear.

Examples of big life changes include:

Changes in School Managing school work


life Making Friends 



Body Image

Sibling Rivalry

Exam stress


High conflict Relationships

Family life

Ready to take the step?

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