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Using a combination of Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP) I have devised specialised programmes to help you thrive at various stages of your journey.

Calm Over Chaos

Prolonged stress can lead to everyday life becoming more challenging. When a change occurs whether sudden or expected, this can lead to our ability to cope fuelling unhelpful habits, negative inner chatter and a sense of overwhelm.

This programme helps to


Reduce overwhelm

Build Calm

Relax More

Learn tools to cope.

Mindful Edit

This programme is for those who are now starting to become aware of their limiting beliefs, unhelpful behaviours and are now looking to make positive changes moving forward.

Set Sail

This is for those looking to open themselves up to new opportunities, discover inner strengths and cultivate a vision for your future and connect more with yourself and others.

"I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul"

William Ernest Henley

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